The magical beauty of sight and sound with its smells and fleeing moments has always intrigued us just like a rainbow in the sky.When we were introduced to the world of lenses we were exited and fascinated with the treasures of photography .The click and the catch and the emotions along with it frozen for ever in a timeless beauty of art has taken us in the far away places among peoples and nature . Here we share with you some of our experiences.

Arindam Chowdhury

I used to make paintings in my childhood from which I have a natural bonding for pictures. Later, photography became a part of my professional life since 2005. However, I involved myself in the professional photography world in a bigger way from 2010 onwards.

In the year 2012, I decided to participate in the State contest, which was the first competition I had ever participated, and one of my photographs got selected. Actually that was the beginning of my participation in various contests of photography. I like to read about photography and I mainly like to work with people. Human mood, expression, body language gives me inspiration. I love to travel and while travelling I carry my camera and I capture people, their culture, gestures, emotions and I could relate myself to that place and people. Their friendliness and good wishes inspires me for much better photography.

According to me, photography is not only clicking of pictures, but it depicts story of a life.